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I regard the Oxford Online Placement Test as one of the most significant advances in placement testing in a generation.

Dave Allan,

Director, NILE, UK

Our academy tested 20 students and compared four online placement tests. Oxford Online Placement Test scored the best in terms of accuracy, duration, cost and user-friendliness.

I love using the test because it is accurate, user-friendly and technically not too complicated. With a few clicks, I can upload students with their e-mails and then I can easily download their results!

Veronica Pruim,

HBO docent communicatie Engels, Avans Hogeschool, The Netherlands

We have almost a thousand students. Oxford Online Placement Test helped us tremendously in time saving and efficiency.

Sam Liao,

Language Teaching and Research Centre, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan

Before we used the Oxford Online Placement Test, it had taken us four to five weeks to provide paper and pencil placement tests for about ten thousand freshmen. Now, it just takes days.

Pham Thi Hong Nhung,

Hue University of Foreign Languages, Vietnam

It is an adaptive test… and that makes it more useful. Students don’t have to answer the same questions. Questions are chosen by the system according to the students’ English level.

Murat Erman,

Ensar Koleji, Turkey

Firstly, it helps our students roughly define their level before taking an exam. Secondly, we can use it for companies interested in testing levels of their employees or monitoring their progress.

Miloš Nouzovský,

Jazyková škola Lingva, Czech Republic

I love this new test, it's amazing, reliable and great.

Alba Lucia Ocampo Palaez,

Foreign Language Division Coordinator, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

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Online practice tests

Online practice tests

I was surprised to find out how much more was on offer to learners and teachers than just the traditional range of practice tasks. The combination of 'tips' and question-specific feedback available to learners working autonomously provides a sequence of learning loops which different learners could quickly learn to use according to their particular learning style.


Dave Allan,

Director, NILE, UK

Hi! It is a kind of mock exam for us who are really in need for the gritty nitty and to build up a strong confidence during the exam. Frankly speaking, for anyone who needs the practice for a Cambridge English exam, this is the best opportunity to tackle any fear before the exam itself. Thanks.



English student, Cameroon

I felt very well trying to do the PET test, because it was new for me, and I am very interested for improving my English because I'm going to be a English teacher. I trust very much in OUP because it is an authority of English in the world.


Jorge Andres,

English student, Chile

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Customer support

Customer Support

I'm very impressed by the online support given by your team.


Graeme Hodgson,

Director English Language, British Council, Brazil

That was a great step by step explanation. Many thanks for your assistance. I now understand the steps fully.


Ali Mohamad,

ESP Faculty, CERT, Abu Dhabi, UAE