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Oxford Online Placement Test case study

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About you and your school

Name: Oliver Leggett

Job title: Director of Studies

Country: Taiwan

Type of institution: Private Language School

Number of students in school: 80

Started using the Oxford Online Placement Test: 2012

Where do you test your students? In school

Which language option do you test your students with?

Use of English:

  • 100% British English
  • 100% American English


  • 100% British English accents
  • 100% American English accents
  • 50/50 mix of British and American English accents

How do you use the Oxford Online Placement Test?

We ask potential students to do the test after they have come to our orientation day and are aware of the material we use, our programme and the aims of our school.

How do you use the results?

We use the results to identify the level of our students so we can put them in the right class. We also use it to show their parents the breakdown of their scores.

How does the Oxford Online Placement Test help your teaching?

It firstly helps to make our class levels as homogenous as possible so that no one is struggling and everyone is suitably challenged. It also gives us a good understanding of the balance of our students’ English.

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A group of students taking OOPT test on computers
I like using the Placement Test because it shows the objective result of students’ levels

How does it help your students?

It shows the objective results of students’ levels and therefore can help form largely homogenous classes that can make for a more productive and motivating learning experience. These objective results also make it easier for teachers to find material that will suit the level of the class as the CEFR levels are widely recognised in the grading of text books and graded readers.

What do you like most about the test?

I believe the strongest feature is that it can reliably find out the student’s level as he or she is taking the test. I also like the way the test generates the CEFR level immediately once the test is completed so that we can tell the students and their parents their level and show the breakdown of their Use of English and Listening scores to back up the results.