Oxford Online Placement Test


Are you looking for a placement test that is automatically marked, accurate, reliable, and for British or American English? Try the Oxford Online Placement Test.



What is the test for?

The Oxford Online Placement Test helps you place students into the appropriate level class for a language course. You can also use it as a quick measure of a student's general language ability.

Who uses this test?

  • Universities use it to test large groups of new students quickly and reliably.
  • Language Schools use it to test new students at home before they arrive for their course, or on their first day at school.
  • Corporate training companies use it to decide what level of training employees need.
  • Human resources departments use it to check the English level of employees.


"We are very satisfied with the results of the test, as they have proven to be trustworthy and very useful". Leen Maes, English Lecturer, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Belgium 

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What does it test?

This test is different from most other placement tests. Not only does it test grammar and vocabulary, it also tests how learners use that knowledge in order to understand the meaning in communication.

"Communicating meanings is why we use language"
James E. Purpura, Associate Professor of Language and Education, Columbia University, New York. 

Understanding meaning is fundamental to communication and is an excellent indicator of language ability.

Two sections

The test has two sections: Use of English and Listening. It gives both an overall score and individual scores for each section.

Test British or American English

You can use the Oxford Online Placement Test to test British or American English, and choose a mix of accents in the Listening section. For the Use of English section, you choose whether to test your students in British or American English. In the Listening section, you select a mix of accents for them to hear within the same test, or restrict them to either a British or American accent.

New: Test your pre-beginner students

The Oxford Online Placement Test now has a unique bank of CEFR A0 (Pre-A1) level tasks written specifically for pre-beginner students. Use the detailed results to better understand where your students are within the A0 level.

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Reliable and valid

The test has been pretested and validated by more than 19,000 students in 60 countries.

Our pretesting research is ongoing so that we can keep the test up-to-date.

Would you like to take part in our pretesting research?

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What results does the test provide?

  • CEFR level (A0-C2)
  • Score out of 120
  • Separate scores for Use of English and Listening 
  • Time taken
  • Language proficiency descriptors

How do students take a test?

  • They go online to oxfordenglishtesting.
  • They log in using details they’ve received in an email, or have been given on paper.
  • They answer a few registration questions.
  • They start the test.

What do students need?

  • A computer with broadband Internet
  • Headphones
  • A browser with pop-ups and javascript enabled
  • Adobe Flash™ Player 9

System requirements 

Case study

"I like using the Placement Test because it shows the objective result of students’ levels". Oliver Leggett, Director of Studies, Key Tree Institute, Taiwan

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