Getting started with online workbooks and online skills practice

Choose to manage your students' work using our Learning Management System (LMS), or allow students to do the exercises in their own time, as self-study.

Find out how below:


Using the Learning Management System

You will be able to assign exercises to your students, track their progress and see their marks.

What to do next

  • Register for a free account.
    If you already have an account, go to step 3.
  • Check your email for your log in details:User name and Organisation ID.
  • Click the Launch LMS tab and enter your log in details.
  • When you are logged in click the Online practice tab to set up your classes. For help click the Get Started button and read the 'Guide to digital workbooks and online practice'.

Set exercises ‘with help’ or ‘without help’

Choose ‘with help’ to help your students:

  • achieve confidence in their English and learn from their mistakes with instant feedback on answers and answer keys to check their work
  • improve their vocabulary with the online dictionary and grammar reference
  • develop their understanding of English with audio scripts, sample answers and useful language
  • easily revise exercises with exam tips to help them prepare for their exams

Choose ‘without help’ to:

  • check your students understanding and see if they have learnt the lessons taught in class
  • improve your students ability to think independently

Self-study use

Your students will work through the exercises at their own pace. You will not be able to track their progress or see their marks.

What to do next

Online skills practice for:

  • American English File
  • Got it! Plus
  • Cambridge English Qualifications A2 Key for Schools Result
  • Cambridge English Qualifications B2 First Result
  • Cambridge English Qualifications C1 Advanced Result
  • Cambridge English Qualifications B2 First Masterclass
  • Cambridge English Qualifications C2 Proficiency Masterclass
  • Tactics for the TOEIC Test
  • CaMLA ECCE Result
  • IELTS Masterclass

Tell your students to find the instructions at the back or front of their book. Instructions will be printed on the page or on a card. Your students should follow the instructions for Option 3 (self-study).

They will need to go to www.oxfordenglishtesting.com/unlockand enter the unlock code provided.

Online skills practice for New English File

Tell your students they can access their Online skills practice by loading their MultiROM

They then need to select 'Online skills practice' from the first menu. This will automatically take them to oxfordenglishtesting.com where they can register by choosing the Register now button for I am a self-study student.

Online workbooks for Cambridge English Qualifications B1 Preliminary Result

Tell your students to open the card at the back of their book, and follow the instructions for Option 3 (self-study).

They will need to go to www.oxfordenglishtesting.com/unlock and enter the unlock code that is printed on the card.