Online grammar practice


Traditional grammar exercises in
an exciting interactive format make grammar practice fun.


Improves grammar

Online grammar practice is based on John Eastwood’s Oxford Learner’s Grammar Builder. It is suitable for Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1) students.

It allows you to choose the areas your students need more practice in, and is available in four individual packs or all four packs together with a 10% discount.

Instant learning support

It gives students:

  • Traditional grammar exercises in an interactive format
  • Access to instant learning features such as automatic marking and feedback on answers
  • Instant grammar reference from the Oxford Learner's Pocket Grammar, and dictionary look-up from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8th Edition

Learning Management System

You manage your students' practice using a Learning Management System (LMS), assigning the units when students are ready for it, tracking their progress and seeing their marks in the online Markbook. You can allow students to practise with or without the learning support.

Grammar packs available

Pack 1  

Unit 1: Building sentences
Unit 2: Sentence types
Unit 3: Questions and answers
Unit 4: Leaving out and replacing
Unit 5: Word order and emphasis
Unit 6: Verb tenses (1)
Unit 7: Verb tenses (2)
Unit 8: The future

Pack 3  

Unit 17: Participles
Unit 18: Articles (1)
Unit 19: Articles (2)
Unit 20: Possessives,
demonstratives and
Unit 21: Pronouns
Unit 22: Adjectives
Unit 23: Adverbials
Unit 24: Comparison

Pack 2  

Unit 9: Be, have and do
Unit 10: Modal verbs (1)
Unit 11: Modal verbs (2)
Unit 12: The passive
Unit 13: The infinitive
Unit 14: The gerund
Unit 15: Nouns
Unit 16: Agreement and noun

Pack 4  

Unit 25: Prepositions
Unit 26: Phrasal verbs and
prepositional idioms
Unit 27: Longer sentences
and linking words
Unit 28: Adverbial clauses
Unit 29: Conditional sentences
Unit 30: Indirect speech
Unit 31: Relative clauses

How does it work?

  • You assign one or more units to your class.
  • Students log in at oxfordenglishtesting.com
  • They answer the questions.
  • Answers are automatically marked.
  • You see the marks in the online Markbook.

What do students need?

  • A computer with broadband Internet
  • A browser with pop-ups and javascript enabled
  • Adobe Flash™ Player 9 or higher

Minimum system requirements 

Can teachers do a free trial?

Yes, you can do a 90 day free trial of some sample grammar practice. You'll have full access to the LMS, and you'll be able to assign it to your students. Find out more and sign up.

Can students buy their own grammar practice?

Yes, students can buy the same Packs and do the practice at home without teacher involvement.

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