Form a Research Partnership with Oxford University Press


Pretesting is a research activity that supports the development of our English Language assessment products.

We work with global partners to conduct pretesting research, offering students the opportunity to take online pretests free of charge.

Image of students

"The work that is done in pretesting sessions is very professional and gives you an idea of why Oxford is synonymous with quality and reliability. We enjoyed the experience as a school and look forward to further pretest sessions. "
Carla, Celex Cecyt 8, Mexico.

  • Be at the forefront of language research
  • Use the results to rank your students
  • Offer your students a great alternative classroom activity
  • Fit them into your own schedule


  • Students take an online pretest that matches their current CEFR level.
  • The data we collect is used to calibrate questions before they are included in our live assessment products.
  • We have online pretests available in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


  • Run English Language classes regularly as an institution.
  • Be able to accurately match students to a CEFR level.
  • Have 5+ computers available that meet the minimum system requirements.
  • Be able to run pretesting sessions under exam conditions.
  • Have headphones and microphones for Listening and Speaking pretests.