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Sample questions


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at different levels.

Task types

Use of English
(approx 30 questions)

Testing vocabulary, grammar and the understanding of meaning in a conversation.

(approx 15 questions)

Testing the understanding of meaning in a conversation.


Accurate and reliable 

The test has been pretested and validated by thousands of students in more than 60 countries.

So you can be confident that the results accurately reflect a student’s English level.

Automatically marked with instant results 

Save time. You don’t have to do any marking. The system marks an answer as soon as the student goes to the next question.

Variety of scores 

You’ll get more than just a level to help you place students in different groups.

You can also add your own questions to the student's registration form. Their answers will appear in the online Markbook.

British and American English 

You can choose what variety of English - British or American - to use in the test, or even to present a mixture of the two in the Listening section. This makes it adaptable for different groups of students.

Can be taken anywhere with a broadband internet connection.

The test adapts to a student’s answers, giving them a more difficult question, or easier question depending on whether they get the answer right or wrong. This makes the test short, yet still accurate.

Variable timer 

You can give students any time between 50 and 90 minutes to complete the test.

Easy to administer 

Just create a group to be tested, assign them the test, and sit back while the results come in.

How do students take a test?

  • They go online to oxfordenglishtesting.com
  • They log in using details they’ve received in an email, or have been given on paper.
  • They answer a few registration questions.
  • They start the test.


What do students need?

  • A computer with broadband Internet
  • Headphones
  • A browser with pop-ups and javascript enabled

System requirements 

What results does the test provide?

  • CEFR level (A0-C2)
  • Score out of 120
  • Separate scores for Use of English and Listening 
  • Time taken
  • Language proficiency descriptors

New features

  • Unique bank of tasks written at A0 (Pre-A1) level to assess pre-beginner students


"I regard the Oxford Online Placement Test as one of the most significant advances in placement testing in a generation." Dave Allan, Director, NILE, UK 


"It is reliable, complete, and quick and easy to use" Emmanuelle Saint Louis, Languages Training Manager, Université Jean-Monnet, France 

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Case study

"I like using the Placement Test because it shows the objective result of students’ levels". Oliver Leggett, Director of Studies, Key Tree Institute, Taiwan

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