Minimum system requirements

These requirements apply to all tests and online practice on oxfordenglishtesting.com, including the Oxford Online Placement Test and the Oxford Young Learners Placement Test.

Automatic system check
Run our automatic system check. This will tell you whether your computer can show our online materials and play the audio for listening questions.

Recommended specifications

Supported browsers Running on
Internet Explorer 11, Edge
Firefox (latest version)
Chrome** (latest version)
Safari version 9 or higher*
Mac OS

* The Oxford Young Learners Placement Test is not supported on Safari (Mac OS).

** Recording functionality for the Speaking papers of online workbooks or online practice tests is not currently supported on Chrome version 45 or higher.

We support the use of oxfordenglishtesting.com on the browsers listed above. The site can be used with other browsers, but you might not be able to use all features of the website or tests as expected.

Please refer to each browser manufacturer for details of the latest versions of their products, and their requirements for the operating systems oxfordenglishtesting.com supports.

The test delivery software requires JavaScript™ and pop-up windows to be enabled in your browser.
You will need to have Adobe™ Reader installed to view and download pdf documents (available from the Adobe Reader download page).

Please note that mobile devices and tablets are not supported.

Monitor capable of 1024 x 768 resolution
Sound card with headphones or speakers

To record audio for the speaking parts of the tests where applicable, you will need Java version 6 update 30 or higher (available from Java). Please note that recording is not currently supported on Chrome version 45 or higher.

To display our tests and online practice courses you need a monitor with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

Internet connection
To use our tests and online practice courses, we recommend a broadband internet connection with a download speed of at least 500kb/s per student taking the test. Bandwidth is divided between the number of computers (a speed of 2mb/s with 4 computers will deliver 500kb/s per computer). Users with a download speed less than 256kb/s may have difficulty listening to audio files and rendering some items.

You will need a valid email address to register an account on oxfordenglishtesting.com.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Customer Support.