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No printing, downloading, or installing proprietary software.

Instant results
See instant results for the placement test and all short answer questions for practice tests. There is extra guidance on how to mark extended writing and the Speaking paper for practice tests.

Infinite accounts
Your LMS is yours to manage; create as many unique teachers and students on your account as you need, all with unique login details and accounts.

Automatically email your students
Email students directly from the LMS using standard messages that you can adapt.

What does it do?

The LMS gives teachers and administrators full control over their students' access to tasks. Students can be created quickly, sent a unique set of login details to access their tasks, and be tracked throughout their work. You can then view, sort and download the results.

How do students access their tasks?

Students log in using the details the system creates for them. Placement test students then directly start their test. Practice test students have their own LMS where they can see messages from their teacher, access their tasks and review completed tasks.

Do I need special software?

Everything is delivered via the Internet. You do not need to install or maintain proprietary software. See the system requirements page for more details.

Can we have a free trial of the LMS?

Yes, to sign up for a free trial simply register by clicking the link below. You will be given full access to the LMS as well as a selection of sample practice tests.
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